The Lone Skull

UPDATE! 07/01/2017

Back from another round of live art adventures! ColorDance and Mountain Music Fest were amazing and I had a great time painting at the #Freshlist June event! I'm super grateful for all these incredible experiences and awesome people! I've got nothing else confirmed for the rest of the year so I'll be back to hermit mode and grinding away on comics.    

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Workin' hard on the new project..




  • I'm Pat Briney, the single skull that makes Lone Skull Comics. All artwork, writing, and lettering are done by me. In 2012 I began pursuing art as a career and was able to self publish my 1st full issue in 2013. My purpose is to get ideas out of my head and into print, then into the hands of people who will enjoy them. I will continue to perfect my craft until my skull fails me. Contact me with your inquires, critiques, praises, proposals, and demands at


Second Death

Welcome to ground zero of the zombie infection...

Gods Of The Earth

 The first humans take their steps into consciousness...

Check out the motion book on my DeviantArt page! And the Madefire App!

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